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10a/230v speed Controller
designed for universal motors
super smooth over full speed range
Over-current limiting and soft start
Fuse protection
Teach-In 2015 –
part 2
understand discrete linear circuit design
learn with ‘tina’ – modern Cad software
• Design simple, but elegant circuits
stereo echo & reverb unit –
adjustable eCho
or reverberation for reCording or pa systems
“Tiny Tim”
STereo Amplifier –
pArT 3
Completing and testing your
super CompaCt amp
CirCuit Surgery, Net work, praCtiCally SpeakiNg,
piC N’ MiX, teChNo talk & audio out
mArCH 2015 £4.40
ISSN 0262 3617
PoPular FeatureS
Vol. 44. no 3
march 2015
Projects and Circuits
SuPer Smooth, Full-range, 10a/230V SPeed Controller
For uniVerSal motorS
by John Clarke
Build this exceptional microcontroller for extremely smooth control of any appliance
with brushed universal motors, rated up to 10A
Stereo eCho & reVerb unit
by Nicholas Vinen
Based on our Stereo Audio Delay, this modified unit provides adjustable echo or
reverberation for recording or PA systems
“tiny tim” Stereo amPliFier – Part 3
by Nicholas Vinen
Finishing and testing our superb, compact amp
Series and Features
teChno talk
by Mark Nelson
March medley of magical LEDs
teaCh-in 2015 – diSCrete linear CirCuit deSign
by Mike and Richard Tooley
Part 2: Testing and measurements
net Work
by Alan Winstanley
Lifting the lid of your network... Monitoring behind the scenes activity
Command and control... A book in all of us... Up the Amazon
PraCtiCally SPeaking
by Robert Penfold
Colour codes
audio out
by Jake Rothman
Test-bench Amplifier debate
CirCuit Surgery
by Ian Bell
Constant current sources
PiC n’ miX
by Mike Hibbett
Hardware hackathons
maX’S Cool beanS
by Max The Magnificent
Mastering meters – Part 3… A more sophisticated circuit
Using the Series Resistance Test Unit
regulars and Services
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and save money
What’s in store for 2015?
Teach-In 2015
Discrete Linear Circuit Design
Part 2 : Testing and measurements
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Plus everyday news from the world of electronics
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Exclusive – Win a Microchip 3DTouchPad
direCt book SerViCe
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adVertiSerS indeX
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Highlights of next month’s
Our April 2015 issue will be published on
Thursday 5 March 2015, see page 72 for details.
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Everyday Practical Electronics, March 2015
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CM23 4WP, United Kingdom
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Sales Line
Solutions for Home, Education & Industry Since 1993
PIC & ATMEL Programmers
We have a wide range of low cost PIC and
ATMEL Programmers. Complete range and
documentation available from our web site.
Programmer Accessories:
40-pin Wide ZIF socket (ZIF40W) £9.95
18Vdc Power supply (661.121) £25.95
Leads: Parallel (LDC136) £3.95 / Serial
(LDC441) £3.95 / USB (LDC644) £2.95
USB & Serial Port PIC Programmer
USB or Serial connection.
Header cable for ICSP.
Free Windows software.
See website for PICs sup-
ported. ZIF Socket & USB
lead extra. 16-18Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 3149EKT - £49.95
Assembled Order Code: AS3149E - £64.95
Assembled with ZIF socket Order Code:
AS3149EZIF - £74.95
USB PIC Programmer and Tutor Board
This tutorial project
board is all you need
to take your first steps
into Microchip PIC
programming using a
PIC16F882 (included). Later you can use it
for more advanced programming. It programs
all the devices a Microchip PICKIT2
You can use the free Microchip tools for the
and the MPLAB
IDE environment.
Order Code: EDU10 -
ATMEL 89xxxx Programmer
Uses serial port and any
standard terminal comms
program. 4 LED’s display
the status. ZIF sockets
not included. 16Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 3123KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3123 -
Introduction to PIC Programming
Go from complete beginner
to burning a PIC and writing
code in no time! Includes 49
page step-by-step PDF
Tutorial Manual + Program-
ming Hardware (with LED
test section) + Windows Software (Program,
Read, Verify & Erase) + a rewritable
PIC16F84A. 4 detailed examples provided for
you to learn from. PC parallel port. 12Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 3081KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3081 -
PIC Programmer
Low cost PIC program-
mer board supporting
a wide range of Micro-
trollers. Serial port. Free Windows software.
Kit Order Code: K8076 -
PIC Programmer & Experimenter Board
PIC Programmer & Experi-
menter Board with test
buttons and LED indicators
to carry out educational
experiments such as the
supplied programming examples. Includes a
16F627 Flash Microcontroller that can be
reprogrammed up to 1000 times. Software to
compile and program your source code is
included. Supply: 12-15Vdc.
Kit Order Code: K8048 -
Assembled Order Code: VM111 -
4-Ch DTMF Telephone Relay Switcher
Call your phone num-
ber using a DTMF
phone from anywhere
in the world and re-
motely turn on/off any
of the 4 relays as de-
sired. User settable Security Password, Anti-
to Answer, Auto Hang-up and
Lockout. Includes plastic case. 130 x 110 x
30mm. Power: 12Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 3140KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3140 -
8-Ch Serial Port Isolated I/O Relay Module
Computer controlled 8
channel relay board. 5A
mains rated relay outputs
and 4 opto-isolated digital
inputs (for monitoring
switch states, etc). Useful
in a variety of control and
sensing applications. Programmed via serial
port (use our new Windows interface, termi-
nal emulator or batch files). Serial cable can
be up to 35m long. Includes plastic case
130x100x30mm. Power: 12Vdc/500mA.
Kit Order Code: 3108KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3108 -
Infrared RC 12–Channel Relay Board
Control 12 onboard relays with
included infrared remote con-
trol unit. Toggle or momentary.
15m+ range. 112 x 122mm.
Supply: 12Vdc/0.5A
Kit Order Code: 3142KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3142 -
Audio DTMF Decoder and Display
Detect DTMF tones from
tape recorders, receivers,
two-way radios, etc using
the built-in mic
from the phone line. Char-
acters are displayed on a
16 character display as they are received and
up to 32 numbers can be displayed by scroll-
ing the display. All data written to the LCD is
also sent to a serial output for connection to a
computer. Supply: 9-12V DC (Order Code
PSU375). Main PCB: 55x95mm.
Kit Order Code: 3153KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3153 -
3x5Amp RGB LED Controller with RS232
3 independent high power
channels. Preprogrammed
or user-editable light se-
quences. Standalone op-
tion and 2-wire serial inter-
face for microcontroller or
PC communication with simple command set.
Suitable for common anode RGB LED strips,
LEDs and incandescent bulbs. 56 x 39 x
20mm. 12A total max. Supply: 12Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 8191KT - £29.95
Assembled Order Code: AS8191 - £39.95
Controllers & Loggers
Here are just a few of the controller and
data acquisition and control units we have.
See website for full details. 12Vdc PSU for
all units: Order Code 660.446UK £11.52
USB Experiment
Interface Board
5 digital input chan-
nels and 8 digital out-
put channels plus two
analogue inputs and
two analogue outputs with 8 bit resolution.
Kit Order Code: K8055N -
Assembled Order Code: VM110N -
2-Channel High Current UHF RC Set
State-of-the-art high securi-
ty. 2 channel. Momentary or
latching relay output rated to
switch up to 240Vac @ 10
Amps. Range up to 40m. Up
to 15 Tx’s can be learnt by
one Rx (kit includes one Tx
but more available separately). 3 indicator
LEDs. Rx: PCB 88x60mm, supply 9-15Vdc.
Kit Order Code: 8157KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS8157 -
Computer Temperature Data Logger
Serial port 4-channel tem-
perature logger. °C or °F.
Continuously logs up to 4
separate sensors located
200m+ from board. Wide
range of free software applications for stor-
ing/using data. PCB just 45x45mm. Powered
by PC. Includes one DS1820 sensor.
Kit Order Code: 3145KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3145 -
Additional DS1820 Sensors -
£4.95 each
Remote Control Via GSM Mo-
bile Phone
Place next to a mobile phone (not
included). Allows toggle or auto-
timer control of 3A mains rated
output relay from any location
Most items are available in kit form (KT suffix)
or pre-assembled and ready for use (AS prefix).
Here are a few of the most recent products
added to our range. See website or join our
email Newsletter for all the latest news.
4-Channel Serial Port Temperature
Monitor & Controller Relay Board
4 channel computer
serial port tempera-
ture monitor and
relay controller.
Four inputs for
Dallas DS18S20 or
DS18B20 digital
thermometer sensors (£3.95 each). Four
5A rated relay outputs are independent of
sensor channels allowing flexibility to setup
the linkage in any way you choose. Simple
text string commands for reading tempera-
ture and relay control via RS232 using a
comms program like Windows HyperTermi-
nal or our free Windows application.
Kit Order Code: 3190KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3190 -
40 Second Message Recorder
Feature packed non-
volatile 40 second mul-
ti-message sound re-
corder module using a
high quality Winbond
sound recorder IC.
Standalone operation using just six
onboard buttons or use onboard SPI inter-
face. Record using built-in microphone or
external line in. 8-24Vdc powered. Change
a resistor for different recording dura-
tion/sound quality. Sampling frequency 4-
12 kHz. (120 second version also available)
Kit Order Code: 3188KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3188 -
Bipolar Stepper Motor Chopper Driver
Get better performance from your stepper
motors with this dual full
bridge motor driver based
on SGS Thompson chips
L297 & L298. Motor cur-
rent for each phase set
using on-board potentiom-
eter. Rated to handle
motor winding currents up to 2 Amps per
phase. Operates on 9-36Vdc supply volt-
age. Provides all basic motor controls in-
cluding full or half stepping of bipolar step-
pers and direction control. Allows multiple
driver synchronisation. Perfect for desktop
CNC applications.
Kit Order Code: 3187KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3187 -
Video Signal Cleaner
Digitally cleans the video
signal and removes un-
wanted distortion in video
signal. In addition it stabi-
lises picture quality and
luminance fluctuations.
You will also benefit from
improved picture quality on LCD monitors
or projectors.
Kit Order Code: K8036 -
Assembled Order Code: VM106 -
Hot New Products!
Motor Speed Controllers
Here are just a few of our controller and
driver modules for AC, DC, Unipolar/Bipolar
stepper motors and servo motors. See
website for full details.
DC Motor Speed Controller (100V/7.5A)
Control the speed of
almost any common DC
motor rated up to
100V/7.5A. Pulse width
modulation output for
maximum motor torque
at all speeds. Supply: 5-15Vdc. Box supplied.
Dimensions (mm): 60Wx100Lx60H.
Kit Order Code: 3067KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3067 -
Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller
Control the speed of
most common DC
motors (rated up to
32Vdc/10A) in both the
forward and reverse
direction. The range of
control is from fully OFF to fully ON in both
directions. The direction and speed are con-
trolled using a single potentiometer. Screw
terminal block for connections.
Kit Order Code: 3166v2KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3166v2 -
Computer Controlled / Standalone Unipo-
lar Stepper Motor Driver
Drives any 5-35Vdc 5, 6
or 8-lead unipolar stepper
motor rated up to 6 Amps.
Provides speed and direc-
tion control. Operates in stand-alone or PC-
controlled mode for CNC use. Connect up to
six 3179 driver boards to a single parallel
port. Board supply: 9Vdc. PCB: 80x50mm.
Kit Order Code: 3179KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3179 -
Computer Controlled Bi-Polar Stepper
Motor Driver
Drive any 5-50Vdc, 5 Amp
bi-polar stepper motor using
externally supplied 5V lev-
els for STEP and DIREC-
TION control. Opto-isolated
inputs make it ideal for CNC applications
using a PC running suitable software. Board
supply: 8-30Vdc. PCB: 75x85mm.
Kit Order Code: 3158KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS3158 -
AC Motor Speed Controller (600W)
Reliable and simple to
install project that allows
you to adjust the speed of
an electric drill or 230V AC
single phase induction
motor rated up to 600
Watts. Simply turn the potentiometer to adjust
the motors RPM. PCB: 48x65mm. Not suita-
ble for use with brushless AC motors.
Kit Order Code: 1074KT -
Assembled Order Code: AS1074 -
The Electronic Kit Specialists Since 1993
Electronic Project Labs
Great introduction to the world of electron-
ics. Ideal gift for budding electronics expert!
130-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
Get started on the
road to a great
hobby or career in
electronics. Con-
tains all the parts
and instructions to
assemble 130 educational and fun experi-
ments and circuits. Build a radio, AM broad-
cast station, electronic organ, kitchen timer,
logic circuits and more. Built-in speaker, 7-
segment LED display, two integrated circuits
and rotary controls. Manual has individual
circuit explanations, schematic and connec-
tion diagrams. Requires 6 x AA batteries (not
included). Suitable for age 14+.
Order Code EPL500 -
Also available:
See website for full details.
We stock an extensive range of soldering
tools, test equipment, power supplies,
inverters & much more - please visit web-
site to see our full range of products.
Advanced Personal Scope 2 x 240MS/s
Features 2 input chan-
nels - high contrast LCD
with white backlight - full
auto set-up for volt/div
and time/div - recorder
roll mode, up to 170h per
screen - trigger mode:
run - normal - once - roll ... - adjustable trig-
ger level and slope and much more.
Order Code: APS230 -
Handheld Personal Scope with USB
Designed by electronics enthusiasts for elec-
tronics enthusiasts! Powerful,
compact and USB connectivity,
this sums up the features of this
40 MHz sampling rate, 12 MHz
analog bandwith, 0.1 mV sensitivity, 5mV to
20V/div in 12 steps, 50ns to 1 hour/div time
base in 34 steps, ultra fast full auto set up
option, adjustable trigger level, X and Y posi-
tion signal shift, DVM readout and more...
Order Code: HPS50 -
Tools & Test Equipment
See website for lots more DC, AC
and stepper motor drivers!
See website for more super deals!
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