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Chapter 50
Jade Phosphor Violet Poison
Part 1
Dai Mubai Jumped into the air, pouncing towards the twin Black Tortoise Spirit Masters, while Tang
San just stood there, in the middle of all his blue-silver grass on the ground. At this point, a strand
loosely wrapped around his waist gently pulled him back,
allowing him to land, causing the Thunder Dragon Claw to barely miss Dai Mubai and pass overhead.
Yu Tian-Heng’s Thunder Dragon Claw flashed across an additional 20 meters in the air before finally
dissipating. As it passed through empty air, it would violently twist the air, giving menacing crackles.
The fight really started with this crackling. As Dai Mubai landed, he didn’t even pause for a moment,
with Tang San in the middle of the formation[1], Shrek Seven Devil had already become used to
fighting in this formation, combining their powers and fighting as one in order to narrow the gap that is
their spirit levels.
Dai Mubai stuck his foot out, in an attempt to sweep kick the legs of both the currently advancing Shi
Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu at the same time, dodged to the sides, bypassing the Shi brothers and rushed
toward the rear of the Emperior Team.
The Shi brothers’ shells noisily fell as both legs retracted into their shells within a hair’s breadth of Dai
Mubai’s attack. Seeing that Dai Mubai would only kick the shells, the blue silver Grass wrapped
around his waist again acted, pulling him back one meter, making his kick sweep the air instead.
If Tang San only had the spirit Blue Silver Grass, he would not have been able to control every strand
of blue-silver grass as skillfully as one controlled one’s arms, after all, it is never easy to correctly
control everything and produce good results. However, with the Tang Sect’s Controlling Crane
Catching Dragon skill, Tang San had complete control over everything going on on the stage.
Before, when Dai Mubai’s tiger claws hit the enemies’ tortoise shells, Tang San saw everything clearly.
He knew that the twin Black tortoise Spirit master’s defensive abilities was not something that anyone
on their team,with their current spirit power, could break through. If Dai Mubai had connected that kick
on the shells, he would’ve ended up hurting himself first.
And as the only one with a spirit level anywhere close to the opponent’s main force, Dai Mubai must
not be so easily injured.
When Yu Tian-Heng, who was in the air, saw his Thunder Dragon Claw failed to hit anything, he was
momentarily shocked. Quickly recovering, with one foot stepping on the shells of the black tortoises’
shells, he catapulted himself forward, rushing straight for Tang San behind Dai Mubai. the Blue
Lightning Dragon’s arm moved again and another Thunder Dragon Claw appeared, this time its target
changing to Tang San.
As the captain of the Emperor team, Yu Tian-Heng saw that the opponent’s most important member
was not Dai Mubai with the greatest Spirit level, but instead the one using Blue silver grass to wrap
around every member’s waist, the Control System Spirit Master, Thousand Hand Asura.
As long as they destroy this weakness, then the Shrek Seven Devil's formation would crumble by itself.
When Yu Tian-Heng shot out his Thunder Dragon Claw attack again, he was already facing Tang San
on the battlefield. Yet he was surprised to find that the opponent’s control system Spirit Master’s eyes
had completely turned purple. In addition to his quick footwork, his entire person seemed unreal.
But in that mysterious footwork, his upper body was still, His entire person had already shifted 8 feet
away, causing the Thunder Dragon Claw to noisily land on the ground.
As Tang San was using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Steps to shift away, his first spirit ring flashed
and countless blue silver grass rose from the ground, wrapping around the airborne Yu Tian-Heng. At
the same time, the blue-silver grass around Tang San’s Teammates’ waist suddenly taut. In a flash, a
strange scene appeared on the battlefield.
On the Emperor team’s side, Osler, the black panther Spirit Master, jumped forward to receive Zhu
Zhuqing’s rush.
Up in the air, the Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master’s first spirit ring flashed, the wind whistling as he
flew towards Xiao Wu, with arms which had transformed into wings[2], suddenly became razor sharp.
Which was his first Spirit Ring Ability, “Wing Edge”.
And as these two Emperor Team’s main offensive Spirit Masters were just about to close in on their
opponents, without warning their opponents disappeared. Just before disappearing, Xiao Wu could still
smile and wave at the wind Chimes Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng, obviously, this was all part of the plan.
Two graceful figure was thrown into the air, not rushing forward, but flying backwards. Together with
them was the Evil Eye Tiger Spirit Master Dai Mubai, who also retreated before the Black Tortoise
Spirit Masters’ very faces. Shrek Seven Devil’s three frontline attackers withdrew at the same time. All,
with a common objective.
“Not good. We fell into their trap. Quickly, attack.”
Dugu Yan’s expression quickly changed. The Jade Phosphor Serpent’s body quickly rushing forward.
The other Emperor Team teammates also recognized a bad situation, but their reactions were slower by
a moment.
Purple flames surging from Ma Hongjun’s body suddenly soared, this was closely followed by the two
spirit rings around his body flashing. A stream of purple flame as thick as a man’s thigh shot out
straight towards the Blue Electric Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng.
All that was happening was all in Tang San’s calculations. Dai Mubai’s attack was only to act as a bait
and attract the opponent’s attention. Knowing that the Shi brothers specialised in defense, their team
had never expected Dai Mubai to be able to defeat the stone brothers quickly.
Yet, when Tang San used the Blue Silver Grass to help Dai Mubai to evade the Thunder Dragon Claw,
he wasn’t afraid Dai Mubai wouldn’t be able to take the attack, but most importantly, it was to let Yu
Tian-Heng notice him.
Yu Tian-Heng was fooled till the end. In other words, deep in his heart, he had underestimated these
seemingly much weaker opponents and thus was careless. In addition to being misled by Xiao Wu and
Zhu Zhuqings’ rush attack, resulting in him making a fatal error, to wade in deep behind enemies’ lines
Under his feet, the madly binding Blue Silver Grass was inescapable. In front of him, with an extreme
heat, bringing his outrageously brilliant Phoenix Fire was the Phoenix Spirit Master lunging. Behind
him, was the the Evil Eye White Tiger, the Soft Boned Demon Rabbit and the hell civet cat as the three
main attackers who cut off any escape routes.
The Yu Tian-Heng was already in a completely hopeless scenario.
Before the battle, the Shrek Seven Devils came together and talked about their opponents in detail, but
no matter how they analyzed it, they all understood that the opponents this time were much stronger
than themselves. Based on competing in pure spirit power, it was physically impossible to win. Thus
they had to rely on the strength of the team as a whole.
The strongest in the Emperor team would be their strength attacker, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon,
Yu Tian-Heng. Not only was his spirit power the highest, he was also the Emperor team’s captain.
There was no doubt that his offensive strength was the sharpest point in their spear, and was even their
team’s morale. If the tip of this spear is broken, then there wouldn’t be such a big gap in this Spirit
Battle anymore.
With his body in the air, Yu Tian-Heng couldn’t escape Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass. Within moments,
he was completely covered. Without caring about the Blue Silver Grass wrapping around him, he
moved his right arm, shooting another Thunder Dragon Claw, which clashed with the Phoenix Fire
Wire shot by Ma Hong-Jun.
The resulting detonation sounded off a rolling thunder, scattering numerous purple sparks in all
directions, just like a dazzling fireworks blooming.
Although it was only Yu Tian-Heng’s first spirit ability, his spirit power was much larger than that of
Ma Hong-jun’s. Thus, it only required his Thunder Dragon Claw to tear apart Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix
Fire Wire attack.
Yu Tian-Heng, naturally knew that he was in an extreme state of peril. Under the pressure of such
danger, he released all his stored energy, both his third and second spirit ring flashed. At this moment,
he didn’t have any reservations, as long as he could break through this absolute kill plan, then this
group spirit battle’s victory would belong to Emperor Team.
The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon raged into action with it’s Thousand Year spirit ring ability. All of a
sudden, a storm of blinding blue lightning burst forth from all around Yu Tian-Heng’s body.
Accompanied by the tremendous sound of an explosion, the Blue Silver Grass wrapped around his
body instantly turned into ashes as it scattered in all directions..
Thunder Fury[3], effect: within a certain period of time, the Blue Lightning tyrant Dragon Spirit Master
would run wild. His lightning abilities were increased by a hundred percent and his spirit power was
increased by fifty percent.
If he didn’t take the initiative to stop the ability, it would continue until he exhausted his spirit power.
But, everytime he used Thunder Fury, he would have to sacrifice a large amount of spirit power, also, it
placed no small amount of burden on the body. It was a sink-or-swim situation, if it wasn’t for this
dangerous trap, Yu Tian-Heng would never so easily use his third spirit ability.
Blue Silver Grass itself was originally not conductive, but because the inherent power of Thunder Fury
was too great, the Blue-Silver grass could not stop it’s explosive energy.
But as Thunder Fury was explosively released, a streak of purple flame suddenly bombarded Yu Tian-
Heng in the chest. His Thunder Dragon Claw was, after all, only a first spirit ring ability. Although the
Phoenix Fire Wire was blown apart, how could Fatty’s Spirit variation’s abilities be so easily dealt with.
Here, the Phoenix Fire Wire showed its superiority with it’s apparent endlessness. Taking advantage of
opponent’s momentary pause when the Blue silver grass was blasted away, the heavy bombardment
had already landed on Yu Tian-Heng’s body.
Yu Tian-Heng howled loudly, but he ignored the Phoenix Fire Wire’s bombardment and forcefully
turned his body in mid air, turning around to face Dai Mubai and the other two who were charging at
him from behind, shouting,
“Thunder Crash[4]!”
At this point, the countless Snakes ot lightning coiling around his body expanded and exploded
outwards into countless streaks of lightning flashing in all directions.
This, was the real strength of Yu Tian-Heng’s fully charged attack, under Lightning Fury’s hundred
percent increase, his second ability, Thunder Crash exploded out with unmatched strength.
Initially as it exploded, it clashed with Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire breaking it and diverting majority of
Thunder Crash towards Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing.
Yu Tian-Heng believed that as long as it was able to block them, maybe even injure them, then under
the influence Thunder Fury, he would be able bring the opponents a large amount of destruction.
Part 2
But then, he basically didn’t need to retreat, his companions would also reach this side of the
battlefield, attacking and dispersing the opponents.
Shrek Seven Devils were able to obtain a twenty seven bouts, twenty seven win record in Suotuo Great
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