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Chapter 148
Blue Silver Emperor’s Tyrannical Control Power
Part 1
Just as he stepped out the door, a damp mist hit him head on. The mountaintop was extremely humid,
and the fog was even denser in early morning. If it was an ordinary person’s eyesight, he could only
have seen five meters or so.
Even if Tang San wasn’t greatly influenced by it, he was clearly unable to cultivate Purple Demon Eye.
It seemed that if he were to stay here long, he would have to find a suitable place to cultivate.
The air was somewhat cold, and in just a moment outside, Tang San’s clothes were damp, leaving him
no choice but to return to his room. Just as he hesitated over whether to cultivate a while longer, a
pounding noise echoed at the door.
“Tang San, you up?”
The voice belonged to Tang Long.
“I’m up.”
Tang San hastily stepped forward to open the door, finding Tang Long carrying food boxes inside.
Compared to Tang Tiantian’s delivery yesterday, he clearly brought a lot more food.
“Come, we’ll eat breakfast together.”
Tang Long also didn’t stand on ceremony, placing the food boxes on the table and opening them. Inside
was a tray of steamed buns, a pot of hot congee, as well as a few eggs and salted vegetables.
“You might be busy today. Eat a bit.”
“Many thanks.”
Tang San didn’t stand on ceremony. He was just at an age where he could eat, and the two brothers ate
heartily, finishing all the food in moments.
“Tang San, I’m afraid today will be troublesome for you. I heard the other brothers say that the elders
are paying particular attention to your return, and are moreover very angry. The sect master had me tell
you to be careful in everything. You can decline others’ challenges when necessary.”
Could he really decline? If he did, perhaps he truly would be unable to do anything for the sect. Tang
San secretly sighed,
“Many thanks, big brother.”
Tang Long didn’t leave even after breakfast was done, all along waiting until the sun hung high enough
to break up the mist, then led Tang San outside, directly to the Clear Sky School’s front courtyard.
Clear Sky School. Front courtyard.
Completely different from the quiet when Tang San arrived yesterday, right now at least a hundred fifty
people were gathered in the courtyard. The majority stood in a ring, while sect master Tang Xiao and
five old and white haired elders stood in the center of the courtyard.
These five elders all seemed to be at least eighty years old, but each had a lively spirit, red luster across
their whole faces. One elder among them was speaking to Tang Xiao about something with a stern
Tang Long spoke in a low voice:
“Besides the people outside for procuring things and handling business, the sect’s directly related
disciples are all here. Those five in the center are the sect’s five first generation elders. Even the sect
master has to deal with them. In terms of seniority, they’re all the sect master’s uncles.”
Accompanied by Tang Long, Tang San arrived in the courtyard. The incense burner Tang San had
originally predicted would be here didn’t appear. Tang Yue-Hua stood behind Tang Xiao, her
expression extremely unsightly. Tang San and Tang long’s appearance immediately became the focal
point of everyone.
At this point, someone unknown shouted,
“Tang Hao family trash, get out of Clear Sky. You’re not welcome here.”
Along with this provocation, a new few of the sect youths immediately shouted back, and for a moment
the courtyard became disorderly.
Tang San’s eyes narrowed slightly. Just as Tang Xiao was about to shout for order, suddenly, a faint
white light spread from Tang San, instantly becoming colorless.
Right now was the middle of the day. The mountaintop was undoubtedly very cold without the
sunshine, but it was also the place closest to the sun. As the sunshine sprinkled down, the temperature
would also be much higher than on level ground. The vicious sunshine would even cause sunburns.
But right now, in the instant the white light spread from Tang San, the Clear Sky School’s disciples all
had a feeling as if they’d fallen into an ice cellar. The ice cold thick killing intent spread to every corner
of the front courtyard.
The numerous disorderly voices screeched to a sudden halt as if cut off with a sharp blade. Who could
have thought that the previously quiet and contented, gracefully calm Tang San, would actually be able
to release this kind of almost substantial tyrannical killing intent.
With a sweep of his gaze, Tang San almost instantly found that sect disciple who rushed to speak up
first. That was a youth roughly the same age as him. Relying on his technique for locating sounds as
well as his potent spiritual force, he directly locked him down.
And this moment the rich killing intent distributed into the surrounding air suddenly condensed,
gathering entirely on this person.
The killing intent that had turned colorless from scattering once again appeared white, Like it was a
bridge connecting Tang San to that youth. A faint blood red flashed in Tang San’s deep blue eyes. This
moment, Tang Yue-Hua seemed to recognize that Tang San that had first come to the Moon Pavilion.
That moment the slightly more than twenty year old youth found himself in the condensed Deathgod
Domain, his expression immediately turned miserable. The heavy chill seeped directly into his skin. To
his eyes, Tang San seemed to have become a bloodthirsty devil.
However, he was also worthy of being called a Clear Sky School disciple. Even though he was young,
his cultivation wasn’t shallow.
With a loud shout, black light surged in his right hand, a one meter long Clear Sky Hammer abruptly
emerging. Two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings were released. Relying on his spirit’s
formidable imposing manner, he managed with difficulty to stabilize his swaying heart.
This was still the Clear Sky Hammer. If he had an inferior spirit, under the combined assault of Tang
San’s Deathgod Domain and spiritual force, perhaps he would already have collapsed.
Tang Xiao shouted:
“Tang San, don’t be impudent in front of the elders.”
Tang San also didn’t plan to really do anything. The white light vanishing, he once again turned to Tang
Xiao as if he had never done anything, bowing and saluting,
“My respects to sect master, my respects to elders.”
The five elders naturally also felt the tyrannical killing intent Tang San had released, and they couldn’t
keep their faces from changing. One elder with long white eyebrows said in a low voice:
“Deathgod Domain.”
Tang San didn’t conceal it,
Another slim elder gave a cold laugh,
“You’ve actually inherited the talent of that disaster Tang Hao, but so what? If the sect had another
Tang Hao, perhaps we would be destroyed. You, a third generation disciple, still doesn’t kneel when
meeting us?”
Tang San hesitated a moment, but still kneeled. Not only because they were his elders, but even more
because of what his father owed the sect.
“Tang San hopes for forgiveness for his father, to help restore the greatness of the sect. Sect master and
elders, please allow me to recognize my ancestors and clan.”
The slim elder furiously said:
“Bullshit, in view of your father’s conduct and deeds, don’t think about returning to the sect. You’re the
son born from him and that evil spirit beast creature, just a bastard. Even if the Clear Sky School’s
gates are sealed, we still won’t let a bastard return to the sect.”
“Seventh junior, pay attention to propriety when you speak, there are a lot of juniors watching.”
The long-eyebrowed elder frowned, speaking somewhat dissatisfied.
Hearing the word ‘bastard’. Tang San’s expression suddenly became calm. Still kneeling, he slowly
raised his head, looking at the slim elder.
“Who did you say is a bastard?”
Even though he didn’t release the Deathgod Domain, the chill he emanated right now was even colder
than before.
Tang Xiao didn’t block Tang San from questioning the slim elder, right now he was also so furious his
face was grey.
“You, little bastard.”
The slim elder hardly concealed the fury in his expression, already trembling somewhat in agitation,
“If not for that animal Tang Hao involving the sect, my eldest son wouldn’t have been ambushed and
killed by Spirit Hall while getting supplies for the sect.”
“Enough. Seventh elder, if you don’t control yourself you can leave.”
The long-eyebrowed elder clearly held the most respected position among the five elders. Hearing that
slim elder hurling abuse without listening to excuses and without the least elegance, he was also
somewhat angry.
Something nobody expected happened. Tang San suddenly faced the slim elder, slamming his head
against the ground three times,
“I’m sorry, seventh elder. I will apologize on behalf of my father for the mistakes he made back then.
However, your true enemy should be Spirit Hall, not us.”
As he spoke, Tang San’s expression seemed very sincere, and his three head knocks were also very
heavy. As he raised his head once again, there was already a wisp of blood on his forehead.
In fact, with the durability of his skin, he had clearly had to be extremely forceful to damage it like this,
and moreover without using a trace of spirit power to protect himself.
The slim elder sneered:
“Can that make up for the pain of mourning my son? I’m not alone in suffering from Tang Hao’s
actions, it’s the entire sect. If he knew he was wrong, he should return to apologize to the sect himself.”
Tang San stood, as if he hadn’t heard this seventh elder’s words, his originally sincere gaze abruptly
turned severe,
“Even though I believe the sect’s matters can’t be completely blamed on my father, my father was after
all also wrong, implicating the sect. Therefore I offer apologies to you. However, for your previous
words disgracing my mother, I must ask for justice. Seventh elder, I challenge you, I won’t complain
even in death.”
His words were unhesitating like chopping the nail and slicing the iron. Even though his appearance
was handsome, his temperament refined, at this moment everyone in the Clear Sky School sensed that
powerful and valiant air from Tang San.
The slim seventh elder stared blankly a moment,
“You want to challenge me?”
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