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Chapter 127
Shrek Seven Devils’ Complete Strength
Part 1
The Shrek Seven Devils were completely enveloped, and right now, there was still a thirteen meter
distance from Tang San to them.
The red light screen didn’t need time to rise like last time, under the assistance of their comrade, in just
an instant, the light strengthened to its peak. Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability, Charm
Demon, launched.
The Spirit Hall Academy team of course knew that the Shrek Seven Devils had already seen this ability,
but they had enough confidence in themselves. Spirit fusion abilities and fusion abilities were two
completely different concepts, the spirit fusion ability didn’t have any weakness, and their powers were
moreover entirely different. Just as Grandmaster said, the spirit fusion ability used by two Spirit Kings
could absolutely compare to the might of a seventieth ranked Spirit Sage for a short while.
Red light flickering, two people changing into one, long hair floating, whether male or female
seemingly undistinguishable.
Hair already turned red, this figure formed from Xie Yue and Hu Liena danced quietly. Two Moon
Blades more than doubled in size flickered with a flowing rainbow kind of luster at the ends of the
spread arms. Along with that surge of red light intensifying, this silhouette instantly disappeared in a
thick red fog coming from behind, and the Shrek Seven Devils were also completely enveloped in the
thick fog.
The Spirit Hall Academy team didn’t have a control type Spirit Master in the true sense of the word,
but their control capability was unprecedentedly powerful. The cause of this was all because of this
spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon.
The greatest characteristic of this spirit fusion ability was control. Within the range the Charm Demon
could control, everyone’s senses were reduced by fifty percent, spirit power suppressed by fifty
percent, and all movements delayed by fifty percent.
It could be said to force the opponents into an impasse in an instant. That thick red fog was mixed with
ruthless energy and psychedelic special capabilities. Aside from the three types of negative conditions,
most dreadful was that within this red fog, only Xie Yue and Hu Liena, using the spirit fusion ability,
could see things. Suddenly losing vision would undoubtedly put people’s minds in chaos, and would
moreover be comprehensively weakened. How many opponents even of the same level as Xie Yue and
the others had fallen to this spirit fusion ability was unknown. This spirit ability was enough to
compare to the seventh spirit ability of common Spirit Masters.
Watching the Shrek Seven Devils being swallowed by the red fog without the seven fusion ability, the
other Spirit Hall Academy team members couldn’t help revealing cold smiles. And Supreme Pontiff
Bibi Dong’s expression also became a bit gentler.
Ning Fengzhi’s brows tightened. He didn’t understand whether the situation in front of him was
Grandmaster’s plan. If it was, then why would Grandmaster do it? Entering deep within the spirit
fusion ability, that wasn’t a good thing in any way. How could they still fight while comprehensively
weakened? None of the Shrek Seven Devils showed any intention of interrupting the opponents’ spirit
fusion ability.
Grandmaster’s gaze shifted to Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong who was focused on the match, secretly
thinking, ‘You can’t see why I let them do this. The weak defeating the strong requires extraordinary
methods. What about a spirit fusion ability? Even if it’s control, it’s only weakening control, not a
comprehensive amplification.’
Entering the pink range, the Shrek Seven Devils clearly felt their bodies growing heavier, their
perception immediately slowing, even raising a hand or moving a leg seemed to be obstructed by
invisible barriers, becoming a lot more difficult.
But none of them panicked. The instant before the red fog hit them, besides Tang San, the Battle Spirit
Masters among the other six immediately crowded around Ning Rongrong and Oscar. And Oscar was
still as if nothing had happened, still manufacturing his sausages.
Dangdang, two crisp sounds echoed in the red mist. At the same time came a neither male nor female
exclamation of surprise.
“How can you know the direction of my attack?”
Asking this question was the combined form of Xie Yue and Hu Liena.
Tang San’s jade colored hands had just blocked those two quietly slashing Moon Blades.
The red fog didn’t block Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s line of sight, and they clearly saw a trace of a smile
on Tang San’s face. As the master of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue hastily used force. After
launching the spirit fusion ability, his spirit power was summed together with Hu Liena’s, reaching
more than the sixtieth rank.
However, with this use of force, he discovered that his strength was used on nothing. Tang San had
already released his hands at some point.
And at this time, Tang San’s arms shook simultaneously. The Blue Silver Grass connected to his arms
jolted as if rippling, and six silhouettes were simultaneously thrown from the red fog.
In the view from outside, cries of alarm had just fallen as six shadows already soared out of the red fog.
In this red fog, common Spirit Masters were basically unable to distinguish directions. Once stuck, it
was impossible to get free. Unless they were flying type Spirit Masters. But Tang San didn’t show the
slightest sign of losing his bearings, while the other side was still unable to control the spirit fusion
ability from shock, using Blue Silver Grass, he all at once threw the other six devils out of its range.
This was Tang San’s scheme, he planned on the other side’s lapse, an instant where it was too late to
move the spirit fusion ability.
A tiger’s roar burst from Dai Mubai, still in midair, his first spirit ability, White Tiger Barrier, and third
spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, launched. His body swiftly expanded in midair. And
Zhu Zhuqing pressed on the Blue Silver Grass with her toes, her speed increasing sharply, catching up
to Dai Mubai in an instant, quietly leaning on his back.
Enormous wings of flame unfurled from Ma Hongjun’s back, Xiao Wu directly landed on the ground.
The Shrek Six Devils had fully entered battle mode.
Watching this scene, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s face suddenly revealed a sneer. And that
androgynous voice in the fog, brimming with disdain, shouted,
“You think you can escape my spirit fusion ability like this?”
Instantly, the red fog abruptly spread, shifting direction in practically a split second, the tremendous
wall of mist once again enveloping the Shrek Six Devils that just released their spirit abilities. Even Ma
Hongjun’s red hot phoenix wings were unable to have the slightest effect on the red fog.
Originally, this red fog had blossomed with Xie Yue and Hu Liena at the center. Seeing the Shrek Six
Devils separate from the range of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue immediately gave up on attacking
Tang San, and rather accelerated, his body driving the red fog to cover the Shrek Six Devils once again.
Under the aid of the Support Spirit Master, this time his red fog spread to an even larger area, covering
practically a third of the ring. Only the other members of their side weren’t covered.
“Unless you can fly, leaving my spirit fusion ability is impossible.”
Xie Yue’s cold voice inundated the red fog again. This time he gave up on attacking Tang San, and
rather moved directly towards Ning Rongrong.
Without careful observation, one would think that Ning Rongrong used the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile
Pagoda. Who didn’t know about the world’s number one support spirit? Taking Ning Rongrong out of
the fight first would no doubt add weights to the scales of victory.
But at the same time as Xie Yue pounced, Tang San’s voice sounded by his ear,
“Then we’ll let you see flying.”
Whether it was Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were still in the air, or the people on the ground, a
faint radiance abruptly appeared behind their backs in a split second, the light forming wings. The six
accelerated practically simultaneously, rushing out of the range of the red fog in practically an instant,
directly ascending into the air.
It was the effect of Big Sausage Uncle Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage.
From the start of the match, Oscar had been constantly making his sausages. The first was a stimulating
pink sausage for Tang San, followed by swiftly making six flying mushroom sausages for himself and
the five others.
Using them this moment, just separated them from the opponent’s spirit fusion ability control.
“How is this possible?”
Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong watched the Shrek Six Devils fly out, and also couldn’t help widening her
eyes. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing directly pounced at the other side’s other Spirit King, Yan, while Ma
Hongjun and Xiao Wu went to meet the other three Battle Spirit Masters.
Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda blossomed with light, in an instant boosting Ma
Hongjun’s attack, and Xiao Wu’s agility.
Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage had only appeared once before this match, in the one fight against
the Elephant Armored School. That time they hadn’t drawn any attention, even though Oscar had
briefly appeared, Tang San’s radiance was still too eye catching, and all gazes had been fixed on him.
Most importantly, that time only Tang San had flown alone, the others had all been moved by his Blue
Silver Grass control.
Neglecting a support type Spirit Master was the biggest mistake of the Spirit Hall Academy team.
Even though the outcome still wasn’t settled, by now the fight was already out of their control.
Seeing the Shrek Six Devils suddenly fly out of the range of his spirit fusion ability, Xie yue was also
At this moment, he somewhat felt that when riding the tiger, it was hard to get of halfway.
The spirit fusion ability was admittedly tremendous, but after using it, it would also substantially
consume their spirit power.
At the same time, while using the spirit fusion ability, they also couldn’t use any other abilities. Just
like Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s strength would be exhausted after each time they used Hell White
Even though Xie Yue understood that the opponents’ flying capability removed the advantage of his
spirit fusion ability, at this moment he still couldn’t remove it.
Part 2
Otherwise, he would only substantially consume his and Hu Liena’s spirit power, and on the contrary
fall to a disadvantage. His only choice right now was to first get rid of Tang San in the range of the
spirit fusion ability, and afterwards again go help his companions to get rid of the other Shrek Academy
Xie Yue believed that even without the two siblings, his side’s strength could still compare to Shrek
Academy. Even though the battle situation was out of their control, the victory would still inevitable be
theirs. The moment when he killed Tang San would determine victory.
What Xie Yue didn’t expect was that Tang San hadn’t launched any attacks against him in his brief
moment of sluggishness. Once he returned to his senses and looked at Tang San again, Tang San’s
entire body had undergone a bizarre transformation.
Only Xie Yue alone could see clearly within the fog, and he was shocked to discover that from the not
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