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Chapter 113
Phoenix Rampage
Part 1
To the majority of the academies participating in the ranking competition, Tang San’s injuries were a
good thing. Especially those teams that still hadn’t met Shrek Academy now had hope of a better
record. However, starting from the second day, these academies discovered a changed Shrek Academy.
When the person on stage changed, apparently their strength also changed.
In the next three matches, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai relied on his violent burst attack method to
settle at least four opponents each time. The second to appear was Zhu Zhuqing who ended the match.
Even without Tang San, Shrek Academy still only brought out two people.
As the days passed, Tang San’s recovery speed was even faster than the doctor had anticipated. His
injuries had already knitted and scabbed in just three days, and he could also casually move about. He
completely recovered like a lively dragon or animated tiger. But when Tang San expressed his desire to
participate in the rest of the ranking competition, he suffered the unanimous opposition of the whole
Shrek Academy group.
Helplessly, Tang San could only turn from main force to observer. Today was already the sixth match.
Shrek Academy had a complete victory record in the previous five fights.
Shrek Academy’s opponent today was Botanic Academy, also that academy that Tang San couldn’t see
through. Facing this academy, the formation Grandmaster arranged was entirely different from the
before. The first three to go up were unexpectedly Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, and Tai Long.
Not long after the start of this match, the people paying attention were gobsmacked. Because, in the
previous three fights, Shrek Academy unexpectedly lost three times to one member of Botanic
Academy. Botanic Academy only sent one team member who successively defeated Huang Yuan, Jing
Ling and Tai Long.
And this Botanic Academy student’s spirit was a kind of vine. Its effect was somewhat similar to Tang
San’s Blue Silver Grass, only much thicker. Reaching the forty first rank in spirit power, with control
system capability, he completely restrained Tai Long’s trio. Even though he consumed a lot of spirit
power, he still defeated three people consecutively. This could still be called the greatest defeat of
Shrek Academy since the start of the tournament.
After the third person in succession, Tai Long, was firmly suppressed, the opponent said something that
made the entire Shrek Academy team’s aura change.
Having successively defeated three people, that Botanic Academy team member apparently forgot
himself out of pride. After defeating Tai Long he said: Shrek Academy isn’t worth much.
“Fuck, I can’t stand it. Watch me put them in their place.”
Shrek Academy’s fourth person to go up, was precisely Ma Hongjun. Right now his chubby face was
already swollen red, indignantly watching that rival Spirit Master in the center of the ring.
Just at this moment, a broad hand landed on Fatty’s shoulder,
“Have you clearly seen the opponent’s attack method? Your goal is their complete obliteration. Save
some spirit power if you can.”
Ma Hongjun turned his head to look, to discover that the speaker was Grandmaster. Spectating from the
side, Tang San naturally understood. Grandmaster’s goal in letting Tai Long’s trio go out first was in
order to clearly see the opponent’s fighting style. And his goal in letting Ma Hongjun go fourth was
only one, attribute counter. Just like Blazing Academy originally wanted to counter Tang San’s Blue
Silver Grass.
When Ma Hongjun stepped up, that student who successively beat three Shrek Academy members
almost laughed out loud.
Even though Ma Hongjun wasn’t as fat as he was two years ago, he was still spherical, and his fleshy
face was especially swollen, looking quite cute. Even though he wasn’t the youngest Shrek Academy
student by age, he was clearly the youngest by appearance. Even more, in the previous competitions,
Ma Hongjun had never appeared.
Even the attention of the four elemental academies had never turned to Ma Hongjun. They would pay
attention to Tang San, pay attention to Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, but never to a little Fatty.
Having won three times in succession, even though the Botanic Academy team member on stage had
consumed a lot of spirit power, his confidence had already reached its peak, and he basically didn’t
attach any importance to Ma Hongjun.
“Little fatso, you’d better step down. It wouldn’t be good if big brother injured you by some chance.”
Even though his face was smiling, this Botanic Academy team member’s eyes clearly revealed
The Shrek Academy group had been together for a long time, and their characters had also been
influenced by their comrades, Fatty being no exception. Blinking, he raised an innocent appearance,
“But, teacher let me go up, if I go down like this, I’ll be punished when I return. It would be better if
big brother beat me down. Just go a bit easy on me.”
“Fine, no problem. I won’t bully a child.”
His words still hadn’t fallen before this three successive victory Botanic Academy elite had already
opened his eyes wide. Because, over Ma Hongjun, he clearly saw four rising spirit rings, two yellow
and two purple, an optimal set.
He wasn’t the only one shocked. The four element academies outside the ring were equally
gobsmacked. They really hadn’t expected that Shrek Academy still hid a team member like this.
Strength over the fortieth rank, and the distortions in the air around him as and the changes in his hair
and body undoubtedly also declared the power of his spirit.
Along with his spirit power increasing, after Ma Hongjun used his spirit now, the mohican hairstyle
already turned completely red, and after eating the immortal treasure herb ‘Cockscomb Phoenix
Sunflower’ that Tang San gave him, not only didn’t he have the threat of backlash from the Evil Fire,
but his Phoenix power had also been purified. Even Grandmaster had said that among the Shrek Seven
Devils, in burst power, Ma Hongjun was number one.
Basically without paying attention to his opponent’s shock, the instant his spirit released, Ma Hongjun
acted. With an explosion and the flare of his second spirit ring, surging red purple flames soared up,
immediately followed by a jet of Firewire, going straight for the opponent.
Even if the vines were compressed into a shield, with their attributes countered, let alone when Ma
Hongjun’s opponent had already spent considerable spirit power on the previous three fights, even if he
hadn’t, he still couldn’t have taken the Phoenix flame attack. Just like when they met Blazing Academy
before, it ended without any suspense.
The red purple flames easily pierced the opponent’s defense, adhering to his body.
In shock, the Botanic Academy’s three successive victories student threw himself to the ground without
the slightest hesitation, quickly starting to roll on the ground in order to put out the flames all over him.
At the same time countless vines rushed out of his body, dashing at Ma Hongjun in attempt to block
him from attacking further.
However, Ma Hongjun didn’t continue attacking like he had imagined, he only watched his opponent
with a sneer, the red purple flames on his body becoming increasingly dense.
Ma Hongjun didn’t even seem to see the green vines dashing at him from the front, letting them attack.
Unfortunately, these green vines were basically unable to pass the obstacle of his Bathing Fire Phoenix.
The red purple flames were like a celestial city moat, and each green vine that approached would
instantly turn to ash.
If this fortieth ranked plant type Spirit Master had had a total victory in spirit power, perhaps he could
still have done something to threaten Ma Hongjun. But unfortunately, he had already consumed a lot of
spirit power in the previous three fights. Confronting Ma Hongjun whose level wasn’t much different
from his, who had full spirit power, and whose attributes countered his, how could he contend?
Not only couldn’t he stop Ma Hongjun, but that red purple flame on his body wasn’t extinguished by
his rolling. The tyrannical adhering capability, corrosiveness, and blazing heat, brought this opponent
pain that essentially couldn’t be described in words. By now this team member had already lost even
the strength to speak up, the botanical spirit power within his body fighting the Phoenix flame’s
corrosion with his life at stake, but how could that terrifying Phoenix flame be so easily resisted?
“We concede this fight.”
The Botanic Academy’s coaching teacher yelled at the referee without hesitation.
Ma Hongjun raised his right hand towards the opponent, absorbing the red purple flame and dissolving
the opponent’s crisis. To him, this was only an easy victory. Of course, these easy victories had only
just begun.
The Botanic Academy had altogether three Spirit Master over fortieth rank, and besides this first
student to go up, the remaining two were both last. Consequently, Ma Hongjun’s next four opponents
were all thirty something ranked plant type Spirit Masters.
Despite all these plant spirit Spirit Masters being control system, unfortunately, Ma Hongjun’s restraint
on their spirits was far too difficult to overcome, and there was basically no need for either side to fight
hand to hand. As long as Ma Hongjun released his Bathing Fire Phoenix, he could basically guarantee
that their spirit abilities would be completely ineffective against him.
No matter how powerful your spirit, when it was completely ineffective against the opponent, there
was no meaning no matter how powerful the spirit ability.
From the first fight to the fifth, Ma Hongjun didn’t even move from where he stood. Protected by
Bathing Fire Phoenix, with its simultaneous amplification to Phoenix Fire Wire, a flame jet would
shoot out, sweep across, and if the opponent was hit, the fight would immediately end. To him, these
battles were as easy as that.
One defeating three was originally already an enormous advantage. But in the blink of an eye, Botanic
Academy had lost five times in reverse, and it was moreover a counter without the least suspense.
At last another fortieth ranked Spirit Master walked up. The colors of his spirit rings were separately
yellow, yellow, yellow, purple. Their properties were clearly not equal to Ma Hongjun.
Part 2
His spirit was Scarlet Flame Thistle, and he was also the only Spirit Master among Botanic Academy’s
seven participating member with a fire attribute. Right now he was naturally also Botanic Academy’s
last hope. If he also lost to Ma Hongjun, then there would be no need for the last fight.
When Botanic Academy’s coaching teacher saw the tyrannical strength of Ma Hongjun’s flame, he only
gave the previous several students orders to use up as much of Ma Hongjun’s spirit power as possible.
After all, among all the Shrek Academy students that had appeared before, there were no other Spirit
Masters with the same kind of flame capability as Ma Hongjun. As long as this sixth Spirit Master
could beat Ma Hongjun, they still had a chance to prevail over Shrek Academy. Tang San had been
seriously injured against Blazing Academy, unable to take the stage. Even though the other several
Shrek Academy people were also very powerful, Botanic Academy’s plant system Spirit Master control
also wasn’t weak.
Just as the fight started, Ma Hongjun’s opponent simultaneously brandished both hands, his third spirit
ring lighting up in a flash, an ability launching.
Scarlet rays of light scattered all around him, and a wide expanse of two meter tall red thistles rose
sharply from the ground, forming a forest of brambles and thorns that separated both sides. Like this,
Ma Hongjun was unable to see his movements, and at the same time his Scarlet Flame Thistle also
swiftly surrounded Ma Hongjun within, and still rapidly pressed in on Ma Hongjun. His target was to
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