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Zhan Long
(斩龙) is a Chinese web novel written by Shi Luo Ye (失�½叶)
Thanks to Gravitytranslations
Ark 7
Chapter 73 – Shield of the Broken Army
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I hold the necklace in my hand; its end was shaped like a battle axe. The necklace has a
blood-red glow and killing intent saturates the air. At the same time scorching energy seeps
into my palm. Mm, this necklace isn’t a bad item or else it wouldn’t have such a dense
I wave my hand and the stats of the necklace appear in front of me. Indeed they don’t
of the Broken Army】(Gold-Tier Equipment)
Strength: +27
Endurance: +25
Additional: Increases defense by 70 points
Level Requirement: 38
Holding this Necklace of the Broken Army I stare at it blankly for 10 seconds. Finally, I
remember to breathe. 27 strength and 25 endurance, these are all stats that a swordsman
needs! Those 70 points of defense are also very valuable. It can raise my defense to a
whole new level! More importantly, 70 points of defense would take at least 60 points in
toughness (defense) to reach that. So the real value in this necklace is much more than the
27 strength and 25 endurance!
With a pop the necklace appears on my neck and replaces the original Necklace of Bravery.
The equipment that the General Family “gifted” me has reached its end…
Yao Zi Zai】 (Scavenger of Dragon City)
Level: 38
Attack: 639-852
Defense: 675
HP: 1356
MP: 470
Charm: 29
The original necklace increased maximum HP by 50 points, but the new Necklace of the
Broken Army increases 25 endurance, which means that my maximum HP increased by 200
points, so obviously it’s way superior. In addition to those 70 points of defense, my tenacity
has increased significantly! With my 675 points of defense I can match the average monks
and knights.
Why? First of all my defense equipment is fairly good. My Elite Steel Wrist Guards and Silver
Locked Battle Boots are both silver-rank equipment and Dawn’s Chestplate is a gold-rank
equipment. With this Necklace of the Broken Army, all my defensive equipment are quite
high class. With my strong attack and healing skills, my entire combat ability is at least in the
top 10 in Ba Huang City. Of course if you add battle tactics, control, etc., I might not reach
the top 100. I am very clear about that. I’m fairly new to these VR games and if I meet
anyone on the leaderboard, killing any of them will take quite a bit of work.
I continue going through my loot. Besides the necklace, the dark prince also dropped a
shield for me. I struggle to raise the huge black shield. With a shake of my arms the stats
appear in front of my eyes. Damn, nice!
of the Broken Army】 (Gold-rank Equipment)
Defense: 170
Strength: +25
Endurance: +20
Additional: Increases defense by 0.9%
Level Requirement: 38
The moment I laid my eyes on the stats of this shield, I froze. 170 points of defense! Damn,
who in this world can take more hits than knights or monks? Out of the 9 main classes, only
monks and knights can equip this shield and the defenses on a shield are way more than
chest plates of the same level! By this alone, the meat tank positions of the two classes are
I put away the shield and I say no more. Time to get rich. None of my close friends need this
shield, so I should sell it. A gold-rank shield will undoubtedly fetch a high price!
I continue and gather up the gold coins on the ground before finally looking at that faint
purple gem. I pick it up and go silent——
Gem】: Strengthens weapons or defensive equipment to improve the quality of the
Soul Gem?!
I pick up this purple rock and think for a while. Then I open the strengthening window and
decide to put my sword in it along with the warm Soul Gem. Indeed the percentage of
strengthening appeared ——90%!
Whatever, I’ll strengthen it first and then figure it out later. I don’t have any good defensive
equipment to strengthen anyways!
After pressing “Yes” and with a ding…
System Notification: Congratulations! Your item [Jade City Sword] has been strengthened!
Also, since you are the first player to successfully strengthen an equipment, charm +2!
Good, I have 31 points of charm now, but that’s not the important part. What does my sword
look like after it has been strengthened?!
I quickly open up my bag and hold the sword. I re-equip it and scan over it. The stats really
did change——
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