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Gifting this wonderful
world with explosions!
Pulling her hood down, someone calmly recites the incantation, yet the
magic power is very frightening.
The explosive noise tremors through the air, and scorning wind sweeps by.
The giant black beast that was chasing me disappears without any resistance.
Even my sacred playground is also completely destroyed by the vast magic
power. The toys that took so much effort to collect are all gone.
An overwhelming power that sweeps away everything.
The destructive force is greater than any other magic.
A single wizard causes such serious devastation in a single strike.
What kind of spell was that?
Never seen the adults in the village used such powerful magic.
The person wearing a hood walks over to me, who remains dumbstruck.
"Are you okay? Are you injured?"
She stoops to examine my expression.
Her tight, rustic robe pushes her large breasts forward, when she bends over.
Awesome. Although the spell earlier was also awesome, but this is even
more awesome.
"How can I become like big sister?"
Asking such a question before even thanking her.
Mother's recent nagging has already been branded into my mind.
"Our family has always been poor, so you should just give up early" - these
kind of words.
I will not give up, even to the very end.
Bearing these thoughts, I clench my fists, and stare at her well-endowed
The hooded person looks at me and almost laughs.
"Little girl, what is your name?"
After a short moment of silence, the big sister says awkwardly,
"... Is that a nickname?"
"It's my real name."
The big sister becomes silent again, then adjusts her mood and says,
"How can you become like me? Hm... If you eat a bit more, study hard, surely
becoming an arch wizard..."
Becoming an arch wizard will enlarge one's breasts.
Becoming an arch wizard will enlarge one's breasts!
"Yes. If you can become an arch wizard, one day you will be able to cast that
spell. But I won't really recommend this kind of magic though."
The hooded person seems to be saying something, but I am already
completely lost in my dream of becoming an arch wizard.
While looking around, the hooded person pats my head, while I am
muttering "arch wizard, arch wizard".
"Hey, little girl. Besides you, are there any adult here? Someone must have
broken the seal on that tomb over there... After all, the seal fragments are
here, and it should not have broken by itself..."
The hooded person tilts her head, and picks up my toy by her feet.
"That person should not have gone far yet, who freed me? ... Never mind. It's
pointless to ask you."
After speaking, the hooded person walks over to the crater blasted by the
magic earlier.
The black beast in the middle of the crater is dying.
The hooded person places her hand on the head of the black beast...
"Sleep a little more, my other half. This world is too peaceful, you should not
be awake..."
The hooded person whispers, while her hand seems to be draining the
monster of something, glowing.
In the glow, the giant monster seems to become smaller and smaller.
Not long after, it shrinks to the size of a cat, then blurring, and finally
"Now then, I'll... Eh? Little girl, what are you doing?"
The hooded person looks at me, while I'm picking up the toys scattered on
the floor.
"I'm collecting my toys. My family is poor, so I only have these toys."
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