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Allyson James
Book Six, Tales of the Shareem
A level-three Shareem, created solely to give
sexual pleasure through dominance, Braden
is also on a mission. A mission to help get all
Shareem off Bor Narga. The highborn wo-
men who rule the desert planet enforce cruel
restrictions on the Shareem, deeming them
less than human. Creatures incapable of
But Braden feels—especially for Elisa, the
librarian who aided him while researching
his mission. Elisa is a celibate; Braden can be
terminated for merely touching her. And
touch her, he does. Teaching Elisa what it
means to feel, to want, to revel in pleasures
of the flesh.
When their forbidden trysts result in new re-
strictions, Braden realizes he’s put his fellow
Shareem, his mission and, most importantly,
Elisa in danger. To save her, he must leave
her; only pain and hardship come from lov-
ing a Shareem. But his precious librarian has
other ideas…
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN 9781419933349
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