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May 1985
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dump, a dis c wipe, a n d a n e w c o mma n d to
fl as h words on s c reen
A c a s e of t h e uppers , b o o t i n g t h e Ex ec ,
t rans at lant ic t r o u b l e s w i t h Dr a g o n q u e s t ,
print er dump, and a fl ight of f anc y
Ket Trilogy Offer
2 4
You can save E1,00 off the recommended
retail pric e of I nc ent iv e Sof t ware' s f amous
t rilogy of adv ent ures i n t his Dr a g o n Us e r
Eurohard and Compusense. Design De-
sign, Ma i l b o x , C o m b a t A i r P a t r o l , a n d
mo r e
Special Offer.
Software Review
Dragon Writer
Adventure Trail
G a me s and ut ilit ies f or y our Dr agon
Mik e G e r r a r d o f f e r s s u c c o u r f o r b r a i n
weary adv ent urers , a n d rev iews t he lat es t
Scott Adams' offering for the Dragon, The
Sorceror of Claymorgue Castle.
Phil Brook s s h o ws h o w t o wr i t e t ex t o v e r
graphic s , a n d prov ides a us ef ul p r o g r a m
f or redes igning c harac t er s et s
Dragon Answers
3 1
Brian Cadge with his pick of the reader's
queries — this mont h, a n array s problem,
E X E C queries , Dr a g o n 6 4 ques t ions , -
me mo r y los s wit h Dr a g o n DOS.
Dragon DOS
P G Sc ot t
Useful patches for your EPROMs to help
you av oid s ome o f the more common
faults and problems of Dragon DOS, from
Competition Corner 3 4
This mo n t h , y o u c a n w i n o n e o f fi f t een
c opies of Sprint Bas ic Co mp i l e r , d o n a t e d
by O a s i s S o f t wa r e — i f y o u c a n s o l v e
tricky G o r d o n L e e ' s lat es t ma t h e ma t i c a l
mind boggier.
UK Et ° for 12 issues
Overseas (surface) £16 for 12 issues
ISSN 0265-0177. Telex: 296275
Dragon User, 1 2 1 3 Little Newport Street.
London WC2H 7PP•
US address: c o Business Press
International, 205 East 42nd St, New York,
NY 1001
Open File
Pages of games and useful routines for
you to type in — this month, a screen
EUROHARD, the Spanish company which bought the rights to manufac-
ture the Dragon. has appointed North London-based Compusense as the
UK distributors for the new, Spanish-built Dragons.
Eduargo Merigo, President of Eurohard SA, has gone on record as
saying tha t h e sees t he future r ole o f the Dragon a s primarily a n
educational and small-business machine.
Ted Oprychal of Compusense endorses that view. H e said that his
company will not be importing the Dragon 32, and instead will be pushing
the Dragon 64 with disk drives as an entry level business machine. His
view is that the Dragon is dead as a games machine.
Compusense i s lobbying Eurohard f or the development o f a ne w
generation o f D r agon micros a nd peripherals, biased towards t he
business and home applications market.
Eurohard's plans for the future include a 128K machine, networking,
and hard disks, all of which seem aimed more at the serious rather than
the games side.
On the other hand, while software for the Dragon has been harder to
find in the shops in the last six months, there are plenty of games on the
mail-order market, a s a browse through the advertisements in Dragon
User will show.
Some companies have moved into the Dragon market after Dragon Data
got into trouble — Incentive, for example, did well with Backtrack, and has
just converted its best-selling adventure. the Ket Trilogy.
Eurohard and Compusense may be right. Perhaps the future for Dragon
does lie with the small business market. But on the other hand, there do
seem to be large numbers of existing Dragon owners who want games.
Eurohard should be careful about being over-zealous in the attempt to
move the Dragon up-market. A substantial potential customer base could
quite easily be alienated by bald statements concerning the death of the
Dragon games market.
May 1985 Dragon User 3
FB 1
Published by Suns hine Books, Sc ot Press
Ltd. C) Sunshine Books 1985
Typesetting by Ches ham Press, Ches ham,
Bucks. Printed by Eden Fis her (Southend)
Ltd. Sduthend-on-Sea, Essex
Distributed b y S . M. Dis t ribut ion. L o n d o n
SW9. 01-274 8611. Telex: 261643
Registered at t he Post Offi ce as a news -
Dragon a n d it s l o g o a r e t rademark s o f
Dragon Data Ltd
How to submit articles
The quality of the material we can publish in
Dragon User each month will, to a very great
extent d e p e n d o n t h e q u a l i t y o f t h e
discoveries t hat y ou c a n mak e wit h y our
Dragon. The Dragon computer was launched
on t o the market with a powerful version of
Basic, but with very poor documentation.
Articles whic h are s ubmit t ed t o Dragon
User for publication should not be more than
3000 words long. All submissions should be
typed. Pleas e leav e wide margins a n d a
double space between each line, Programs
should, whenev er pos s ible, b e c omput er
printed on plain white paper and be accom-
panied by a tape of the program.
We c annot guarant ee t o ret urn ev ery
submitted article or program, so please keep
a copy. I f y ou want t o hav e y our program
returned y o u mu s t inc lude a s t amped,
addressed envelope.
O your
IN REPLY to Mr Harrington's
request f o r a n a lt e rn a t ive
method for switching between
upper-case a n d lo we r-ca se
letters, t h e a n s we r i s q u it e
simp le . " S H I F T + 0
" ( n o
- SHIFT-0 1t• ') alters the alpha
lock fl a g a t a d d re ss $ 1 4 9
which n o rma lly co n ta in s t h e
default setting SFF for upper-
case letters. T o e n t e r lo we r
case from a program, a ll you
need t o d o i s cle a r th e fl a g
using e it h e r: C U R $ 1 4 9 i n
a sse mb ly l a n g u a g e o r
POKE&11149.0 i n B A S I C. I
suggest that you enter lower-
case mode at the beginning of
the program and then u se the
SHIFT key for upper-case let-
This is the chance to air your views — send your tips. compliments and complaints to Letters
Page. Dragon User, 12-13 Little Newport Street. London WC2H 7PP.
must b e saved o n a d isk (o r
tape) a n d ke p t f o r whenever
th e ' ' R e v e r s e B o o t " i s
needed. T h i s c a n b e d o n e
using the following basic pro-
10 F O R I = &117000 TO
20 RE A D AS
30 P OK E 1 , V A L (" 8 4 1
40 NE X T
50 -I -ATA 9E,19,BD,83,F3,30.
1 " DA S )
60 DA TA 1B,9F,1D,9F,1F.39,
After entering, type " RUN"
then s a v e t h e re su ltin g n y
code to disk using:
To go to 32 mo d e fro m 64
simply type 'POKE 115.0' and
press re se t (this will produce
the fa milia r DRA G O N c o p y-
right screen) then, with the disk
containing " RE V E RS E . B I N"
in the drive, type ' RUN " RE -
V E RS E . B I N
basic program that existed in
- a n d
64K mode will be restored.
t h e
R 'Donnell
o r i g
10 Fountain Road
i n a l
quest and if anyone h a s a n y
ideas o n h o w t o fi n d t h e
alchemist, the hut, the ruby or
the shield or where to use the
shovel, we would really like to
Still Trying,
The program n o w starts at
location 32341 (7 E5 5 hex) so
when CLEARING space for it,
the message is now:
CLEAR 200,32340
When saving the program, the
message is now:
32341, 32767. 32347
The ro u tin e i s ca lle d i n t h e
same wa y as before. ie:
Barbara Seay
6920 Woodman Ave
Van Nuys Ca 91405
Dump to
I R E A D w i t h in t e re st A l a n
Wrigley's article in the Febru-
ary issue of Dragon Use r ab-
out dumping th e high resolu-
tion screen on an Epson prin-
I h a ve a " K D C FT-5 0 0 1 "
printer that is ve ry simila r to
the Epson, s o I entered t h e
program, o n ly t o fi n d th a t it
would not work.
Upon c lo s e r inspection. I
found t h is w a s d u e t o t h e
program u sin g t h e E S C " * -
instruction wh ic h m y p rin t e r
does not use.
I th e n se t about modifying
the p ro g ra m so that it would
work wit h m y printer, a n d I
thought o t h e r re a d e rs w i t h
similar p rin t e rs m a y b e i n -
terested i n t h e s e mo d ifi ca -
Add the following six bytes at
the beginning of the program,
starting at location 7E55:
Change these locations to:
7F1E ; 8 B
7F1F : 1 A
John Wardle
27 Magpie Way
Bucks MK18 3JT
Flights of
BRIAN CADGE's flight simula-
tor re vie w omitted two min u s
points on the 747 simulator.
As the flight progresses. the
computer memory is gradually
used u p u n t i l t h e g a m e
crashes with an O M ERROR,
or at least mine does. On take
off P R I N T M E M = a ro u n d
4000, a n d a fte r a lo n g fl ight
PRINT MEM = around 100 to
200, h e n c e t h e e rro r m e s -
sage. Th e flight ca n b e co n -
tinued, lo sin g n o information,
with a G O TO , 'when P RI NT
MEM - 4000 again, but this is
not wh a t sh o u ld o ccu r i n a
E9_95 game.
Secondly. you can presum-
ably fl y fo re ve r, a s n o f u e l
gauge is included. But, being
Basic, it is n o t to o difficult to
add the gauge to the engines
o rro ff a n d t h ro t t le c o n t ro l
program lines. I've done this,
and labelled t h e la rg e r d ia ls
with th e ir initials, wh ich does
improve t h e scre e n d isp la y
Now, h e lp required. Do e s
anyone k n o w t h e m e m o r y
locations concerning the num-
ber o f liv e s i n Ca b le S o f t -
ware's 3 5 s c re e n F a n t a s y
Flight'? I can't get beyond the
first five or six screens with the
five lives given. Otherwise it's
an excellent game. Also I have
a string of questions concern-
I K Barker
32 Meadow Drive
West Yorkshire HX3 5JZ
How to boot
the Exec
THE FOL L OWING ma y be of
interest t o DRA G O N U S E R
readers who own Dragon 64s:
Although it is easy to "Boot"
from 32K mode to 64K mode,
by entering " EXEC" , it seems
no provision i s ma d e t o re -
verse b a c k t o 3 2 K m o d e
again. This is probably no real
problem but it does mean that
disk d r i v e o w n e r s c a n n o t
make use of the extra memory
and sa ve t h e ir p ro g ra ms t o
disk, they either use a tape or
do their programming in 3 2 K
mode. T h e fo llo win g ro u tin e
may therefore b e useful a s it
allows a "Reverse B o o t
made, le b e 64 to 32 mode,
- t o
without loss o f the basic pro-
gram in memory.
Obviously t h e s iz e o f t h e
program mu st n o t b e la rg e r
than the me mo ry available in
32K m o d e b u t la rg e b a s ic
p ro g ra ms t h a t c o n t a i n a
" P CL E A R8
- o r would normally give an
" OM"r error in 32K mode, can
l a
now be loaded. "Booted" into
64Kr mode, ru n (and edited if
necessary) t h e n tra n sfe rre d
a y s
back to 32K mode fo r saving
. disk.
First a short m code routine
4 Dra g o n User May 1985
Kent ME2 3SJ
I RECENTLY acquired a Dra -
gon 6 4 . i n f a ct w e re ce ive d
three of them.
Our problem' is that none of
us c a n s o l v e t h e D ra g o n
Game th a t ca me with it. We
have h a d q u ite a n u mb e r o f
people try the game but none
of us can quite solve it.
If you could possibly give us
some clu e (please don't sa y
" t ry e x a min in g t h i n g s " ) i t
would be greatly appreciated.
The game is called Dragon-
: BD
7F21 : 7 E
Software Top 10
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2 (2)
3 (3)
4 (4)
5 H
7 (--)
9 (--)
Manic Miner
Chuckie Egg
Dragon Chess
Bug Diver
Stock Control
Mailer/Address Book
Business Accounts
S ro je c t s
A& F
ing The Ring of Darkness, so if
anyone who has become fairly
expert a t t h is wo u ld ca re t o
contact me, postage would be
returned along with my thanks
and a list of queries.
Chart compiled by Websters Software
M R Vine
120 Avriel Avenue
Essex RM10 8BU
If you're
Get this into an envelope
If the programs you are writing involve
sophisticated graphics, you have two
choices, a severe headache or Touchmaster.
Obviously you'll want to consider the
matter, so in the mean time send away for
your free Touchmaster literature and find
out more about the best value/Performance
graphics tablet available.., or take two
pain killers!
easesend mefree Tombmaster likratnre.
E s
Port Talbot, West Glamorgan,SA131W1-1.
May 1985 Dragon User 5
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