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Amiga Format Complete Issues 001-136 (Aug 1989 - May 2000)
										 including Specials

Future Publishing's Amiga Format was a long-running UK magazine
dedicated to the Commodore Amiga series. Although the focus was
primarily games and entertainment software, it also covered hardware and
non-gaming and educational software, overlapping it's later sister
titles Amiga Shopper and Amiga Power. AF was probably the best known of
all Amiga magazines, and enjoyed massive sales in the UK before being
allow to bow out gracefully as the Amiga market declined.

These PDFs are the complied collections of page scans obtained from
various Internet sources, along with my own scans to fill some gaps not
currently available elsewhere. They've been OCR'd to allow text
searching and copying - this should prove very useful for the Amiga
archivist who'd like to have their own local searchable archive. They
shoud look great on most PDF readers.

The OCR software has done it's best, but has struggled with some of the
more unusual fonts and layouts used, and where the background image
obscures the text. My primary goal in OCRing is to aid searching -
everything else is a bonus!

More OCR'd scans will be periodically available - please check (or Google RetroPDFs) for more information.
Thanks to everyone who donates or contributes to RetroPDFs.

90's style "greets" to anyone formally or currently involved in the
Amiga scene, especially Pazza, Mic Flair, Violator, Denzil, Tango, Fat
Will, mUb and Maximan, and anyone else who read or wrote for LSD
Grapevine. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;)

Ken D (Google 'RetroPDFs')

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