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The Experimental Log of the
Crazy Lich
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
Alternative Name:
Angry Squirrel (愤怒的松鼠)
Chinese Novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy,
Mature, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy
Translator(s)/Translation Group:
Gravity Tales, StarveCleric
This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an
entire world.
”Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again,
destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10
thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1
point. If both are not done then -2 points.”
“Cuih! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to
spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue
me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my
lollipop bandit.”
I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t
be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an
upright good person..
Chapter 1
I Really Am A Good Person
“I am a good person.”
Even though everyone knows that I am a good person and a law-abiding
citizen, why does the public security officer in front of me still harass me to
no end.
“As a law-abiding resident of Liu Huang Mountain City, I pay my taxes on
time and work diligently. In my workplace, I am a hardworking employee.
In this vicinity, I am a good neighbor and a good friend. I’m even an avid pet
lover! Look at this medal, my Ah Bao is the champion of the Community Pet
Superstar competition!”
The medal and ribbon hanging on the wall serves as the evidence of my past
glory. Carved on the medal are the words, "The 7th Annual Liu Huang
Mountain City Community Pet Superstar Competition Champion", "Blessing
our lively and cute Ah Bao to stay forever healthy" .
At the same time, Ah Bao, who I am very proud of, is enjoying his meal by
the foot of the wall.
However, no matter how much I try to explain, the Dark Elf Public Security
Officer simply stares at me silently, as though as she had already decided
that I was lying.
“Pet? Ah Bao? You mean that fearsome monster! He's one of the reasons
why we are receiving complaints about you! The Lop family has
complained about your pet attacking their son!”
Under the medal, my Ah Bao is licking a bone fervently with saliva dripping
from his mouth. Noticing his owner looking at him, he smiles at me. Such a
cute pet!
“Lop family? Who is that? I really don’t have any memory of them.”
Just as I was hesitating whether I should use Reconnaissance Spell to
refresh my worsening memory, the Dark Elf Public Security Officer,
seeming to notice my memory slip, flashes a cold smile.
“… Don’t you think your words lack reliability? After all, his son’s tibia
bone is still in the mouth of the monster you are rearing.”
“Oh? Ah! So you are talking about the neighboring Skull Soldier family.
Their family seems to be fond of playing with Ah Bao. Such kind people
they are.”
Flitting towards Ah Bao, I try to wrestle the tibia bone out of his mouth but
to no avail.
Frustrated, I raise my fist and knock on the head of this silly dog.
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