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Sixth Edition
Michael A. Hogg
Graham M. Vaughan
'the undisputed leader in the field.
I couldn't recommend it highly enough!'
Dr. Martin Hagger, University of Nottingham
Sixth Edition
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Dominic Abrams
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(University of Kent, England)
David de Cremer
(Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Tom Farsides
(University of Sussex, England)
Nick Hopkins
(University of Dundee, Scotland)
Carmen Huici (Universidad
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Daan van Knippenberg
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Bas Verplanken
(University of Bath, England)
Editorial Consultants for the sixth edition
Martin Hagger
(University of Nottingham, England)
Emma Vine
(Sheffield Hallam University, England)
Helen J. Fawkner
(Leeds Metropolitan University, England)
Mike Boulton
(University of Chester, England)
Victoria Gutierrez
(Thames Valley University, England)
Kerry Greer
(University of Limerick Ireland)
Natalie Wyer
(University of Plymouth, England)
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ISBN 978-0-273-72596-1
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Hogg, Michael A , 1954-
Social psychology / Michael A Hogg Graham M Vaughan —6th ed
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Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 978-0-273-72596-1 (pbk.)
1. Social psychology. I. Vaughan, Graham M. II. Title.
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